Fullers Abdicates Host Reponsibility?

On the 8 pm sailing from Matiatia on 23/12/14 there was a total ban on alcohol sales on board. The reason given was that some passengers had had too much to drink, so no drinks were to be sold to any passenger.

We found this totally unacceptable and nothing short of an abdication of host responsibility. Our opinion was shared by several other passengers. The management of Fullers is investigating.


One thought on “Fullers Abdicates Host Reponsibility?

  1. tex says:

    Presented by
    Onetangi Scrub Cutters Co-operative

    1) That the Ferry Users Group – commission an independent 3rd party economist to secure an “Economic Benefits Review” of competition and or regulation on the Waiheke / Auckland Ferry route

    2) That the Ferry Users Group commission a 3rd party financial analyst to model the business case of the Waiheke /Auckland ferry route and confirm the level of monopoly rent extracted from Waiheke island residents and tourists .

    3) That the ferry users group commission a peer group benchmarking exercise with other similar distance & capacity ferry services to deliver a group of alternative set of business models to be considered by the ferry users group

    4) That the Ferry Users group commit to securing an OIA official information act request of all communications regarding the ferry service and all ministers of transport , and ministry officials between 2007 = and August 2016

    5) That the Ferry users group commit to securing all communications from the Auckland Transport to the Minister – in particular the letter recommending that the ferry service be regulated which was sent from the head prefect of ferries at AT to the Minister

    6) That the ferry users group catalogue & publish a list of rational competitive reactions to the loss of a monopoly utility service which it should expect as the ferry monopoly is broken up or regulated.

    7) That the Green party MP be requested why the “Lobbyists Disclosure Bill “a new law that they put before the NZ parliament failed to be past in August 2013

    8) That the Commerce Commission be consulted and requested to investigate whether the fullers competitive reaction of running half hour services was an abuse of their market power and breached either section 36 or section 28 of the commerce act


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