Local Board Mistaken

On the Marketplace of 24/12 (http://waihekemarketplace.realviewdigital.com/?iid=109456&startpage=page0000003#folio=2) Shirin Brown, the transport spokesperson for the Waiheke Local Board, was quoted as saying that she understood “it is a legal requirement for no parking lines to be in place at the front and back of all parking meters.”

This is not correct, as a quick visit to the lower car park will evidence. The rear of all parking meters there are parking spaces, as was the one in the second car park, where the lines were over-painted in black when the back-to-back meters were removed – at FUG’s suggestion, precisely to increase the number of parks available. Auckland Transport was dissembling when it said that it “does not agree the lines were ever removed, saying nothing has changed and no spaces have been lost.”

Perhaps Shirin was misquoted. We have brought this issue to her attention.


2 thoughts on “Local Board Mistaken

  1. Shirin replied:

    “Having had a look, I think the metres are poorly located. However, the fact that AT are not exercising the line issue in the lower car park, doesn’t mean that it is compliant. Potentially they could insist on the lines and remove more. However, it does make you wonder why they didn’t apply the same logic to the second car park and give us more spaces.

    “Ultimately, the population has not increased significantly over the last few years but car use has. We all need to be thinking about how to use the car parking resource more effectively and the addition of two or three parks is ultimately not going to improve the basic situation. The board are currently looking at longer term solutions for this area but all ideas welcome.”


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