Waiheke Ferry Users Ask Auckland Council to Act on Wharves and Parking

Media Statement from FUG, the Ferry Users Group of Waiheke

FUG, the Waiheke Ferry Users Group, asked Auckland Council to act on wharves and parking at Matiatia. Daniel Silva, chairman of the group, said, “Council needs to direct its controlled organisations, Auckland Transport and Auckland Properties, to respond to the concerns of ferry users.” He added “Ferry users pay for the maintenance of wharves but the service is sub-standard. The new ferry service operates from an open-air wharf in Auckland that is not suitable for use by the disabled, among others.”

The group is also concerned about Council organisations’ ongoing failure to provide adequate parking at the Matiatia park-and-ride facility. “People are missing important appointments in the city and asking friends and relatives to drive them to Matiatia and back, needlessly increasing traffic on Waiheke roads, because from mid-morning there are frequently no parks left. There is plenty of land available in Matiatia, but a lot of it is simply unused and that which is used for parking is not very well managed”, Silva said.

FUG wrote to Mike Lee, the councillor elected by the Waitemata and Gulf ward, asking for help in seeking solutions from the Council’s controlled organisations to the wharves and parking issues. The group started a new blog at fugwaiheke.wordpress.com and invites comments from ferry users.


One thought on “Waiheke Ferry Users Ask Auckland Council to Act on Wharves and Parking

  1. From our letter to Councillor Mike Lee: “We appreciate that these issues are the responsibility of two Council Controlled Organisations (CCOs): Auckland Transport and Auckland Properties. FUG has attempted in the past to bring these matters to the attention of those organisations, but with no success. The operative part of the acronym “CCO” is the middle initial – “Controlled”. We therefore ask Council, through you, to exercise whatever degree of control you have to urgently resolve these issues, which are important to us, your constituents.”

    Councillor Mike Lee responded: “I have passed on to the CEO of Auckland Transport.”


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