Another Car Park Gone

We are beginning to wonder whether Auckland Transport is engaged in some sort of war against ratepayers who use cars. Instead of responding to the community’s demand to provide more car parks in Matiatia, AT seems to be reducing the number of parks available. The latest example is the prime slot in the free six-hour park. This has now been reserved for something called “Car Share”. The space is used only sporadically to park a car.

Car Share

At least, the car in question seems to be an economical older model. By contrast, AT’s fleet of late-model white SUVs appears to be ever expanding. Auckland is beginning to look a bit like Mogadishu or Port-au-Prince in the aftermath of a disaster, where the fleets of NGO-owned white SUVs are prominent. Ironically, some of the smart AT SUVs display stickers exempting themselves from parking charges. Quite a few of them are routinely parked, free of charge, in the $6/day car park, further reducing the parking space available for ratepayers.


One thought on “Another Car Park Gone

  1. Peter Hamilton says:

    I suggested to Paul Walden a few months ago that parking spaces be painted along the left side of road heading from the ferry to Oneroa. At the moment people park pretty much carelessly as they like. Better marked spacing would enable up to five or more vehicles on some days to find a park on the road side. And the top parking area is in an appalling condition, rutted, loose gravel and dangerous. It won’t be long before there is an accident as cars slide into each other or pedestrians.


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