Parking Footnotes

A former chair of the Waiheke Local Board said, “[Auckland Transport (AT)] have no intention of doing anything about car parking at Matiatia. They told me so. They want everyone to get on their bikes or park and ride.”

A recent ‘Parking Strategy’ document says that AT has between 101 and 300 potential new parking bays “under investigation” for some time between 2015 and 2045. We have asked AT to provide us with an early indication of what concrete action that organisation has taken or intends to take, in response to concerns raised by FUG at the meeting of April 9 last. We will keep you informed.

The transport spokesperson for the current Local Board, had earlier said that “it is a legal requirement for no parking lines to be in place at the front and back of all parking meters”. During our meeting with AT, it was clearly established no such legal requirement exists for the areas behind the parking metres. It is likely that they will be repainted black, adding another couple of parking spaces removed a few months ago. We invited the spokesperson to use this blog to correct those public comments. She replied by saying that she didn’t wish to retract anything.


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