Planet Savers and Common Courtesy

Have you noticed the two new cattle-pen-like barriers at the entrance to the Matiatia wharf? They were installed to discourage cyclists running late for the boat from riding their bikes through the throngs of pedestrians boarding the ferries. That didn’t seem to work for some, so Auckland Transport decided that two security staff were to start work earlier. Their task was to ask cyclists to dismount their bikes.

Today (11/8/15) around 7:35 am, a cyclist ignored a request from the security guard to dismount and, when asked again by a second security guard, remonstrated that the wharf is a “road” and he was quite entitled to ride his bike on it. I intervened and said that he should not ride his bike through what is clearly a pedestrian thoroughfare. Someone else intervened too: – a lady (and I use that term loosely) from Palm Beach piped in and proclaimed that riding bikes on the wharf is OK and followed that with a barrage of personal abuse.

The wharf is not a road. It is used by cars and courier vans picking up freight, but never when people are embarking or disembarking from the ferries. To refrain from riding a bike through throngs of pedestrians would appear to be no more than to exercise common courtesy. To point these matters out is not an attack on anyone’s fragile sense of entitlement to moral superiority. It is just plain common sense.


2 thoughts on “Planet Savers and Common Courtesy

  1. Ron hopewell says:

    Thank you , well done. now can we please get the bikes off the sidewalk in front of the Ferry Building on Quay St I have spoken to many. But. Good to get a loud voice brigade going before a pedestrian is injured. Sadly I have seen an 8 year old girl with facial scars for life. Up the arrogant bikers.8


  2. Don M says:

    I totally agree with you Ron. I have had a number of ‘discussions’ with cyclists in front of the Ferry Building. The perception is that it is shared space as part of the waterfront cycle way when told it is not the most common is a bullying ‘Get out of my way’. The reality is that there is no signage supporting the pedestrian only status of this area and no enforcement. This is something that needs to be actioned by AT. The other way is that pedestrians should not give ground and directly question the offenders to get the message across. Unfortunately the cyclists tend to be a vociferous group and pedestrians relatively mute.


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