“AT has no plans to significantly increase parking supply at Matiatia”

This statement was made in a letter from Auckland Transport (AT) to FUG on 10 August 2015.

AT said that it will be conducting a consultation exercise early in 2016 on a new network for the people of Waiheke to get to their public transport park-and-ride facility on the wharf by bus.

We have told Councillor Mike Lee that we regard that statement as evidence of the ongoing failure by Council to provide for the needs of the people of Waiheke. The Local Government Act 2002 provides for “local authorities to play a broad role in meeting the current and future needs of their communities for good-quality local infrastructure”.

We ask the people of Waiheke to prevail on their current and future elected representatives to direct officials to meet their legal obligation to provide good-quality essential local infrastructure. We pay our rates in New Zealand dollars, after all.

The relevant representatives are the Mayor and Councillors, especially Mr Mike Lee, who was elected by the Waitemata and Gulf Ward, chairs the Council’s Infrastructure Committee and has a sit on the board of AT. There is no point in discussing this issue with the Local Board, as that body has no delegated responsibility for parking issues.

It appears that there is some sort of war being waged by ideologues against cars, even those being used to transport people to a public transport park-and-ride facility. Not all of us wish to, or are capable of, walking or riding bikes, and the bus service is far from suitable for all. That is why there is a parking crisis in Matiatia.

This seems to be a classic case of people motivated by their ideology using a public office to pursue a private agenda. The technical definition for that is ‘corruption’. It may well be done with the highest minded intentions of saving the planet, etc., but it is no less corrupt for that.

Those seeking elected office need to come clean on whether they support the ideologues in the bureaucracies that are supposedly under their control, or whether they assume their duty to provide for the wellbeing of their constituents.


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