The Party Goes On

Auckland Transport (AT) continues to have a great old time at ratepayers’ expense. Their annual report is now out. Staff numbers went up by 8% in the last year alone — 38% in the last three years. The wages and salaries bill went from $107m to $124m, an increase of 16%.

Not only is this outfit employing more and more people, it is also rewarding them better. The number of those on salaries of over $100,000 went up from 325 to 395 in the last year, an increase of 22%.

The Board appointed to oversee AT didn’t do too badly either. We paid them $506,000 for their governance efforts. Chairman Lester Levy was rewarded with directors’ fees of $106,600. Councillors Christine Fletcher and Mike Lee each got $53,300, on top of their Council salaries. The biggest winner, however, was a Dr Warburton, Chief Executive, who took home a cool base salary north of $660,000.

The full (if not very pretty) picture is here:


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