Parking Spaces in Matiatia to be Reduced

Auckland Council, through its subsidiary AT, decided to remove ten parking spaces in the premium area of the Matiatia car park between 20 December and February 8. These are to be given to shuttle operators to, in AT’s words, “avoid [shuttle] drivers having to risk receiving parking infringement notices by leaving their vehicles unattended whilst they meet their passengers coming off the ferry”.

This decision was made with the support of Waiheke’s Local Board, according to AT.

AT had failed to provide eleven new car parking spaces in Matiatia, through marginal improvements to the design of the car park. This was promised months ago, around the same time that we were told in no uncertain terms “AT has no plans to significantly increase parking supply at Matiatia”.

FUG was not consulted until after the decision had been publicly announced. We suggested that a more suitable area would be a strip behind the bushes separating the lower car park from the grassy area beside it. AT responded by saying that was not possible, because that area “is owned by Auckland Council, not AT”. We also pointed out that the area was used not long ago to park a restaurant and bar tent, but AT told us that requests for parking “will not be considered due to the cultural significance of the area”.

Sculpture in the Golf

Picture: Headland

We believe that it is absurd that a site suitable to host a restaurant and bar is somehow too ‘sacred’ to revert to its former use as a car park, given the parking crisis situation in Matiatia created by AT’s ongoing failure to provide adequate infrastructure.

AT has spent millions of our dollars building pink suspended highways in the city, for the recreational use of a few lycra-clad middle-aged planet savers.

Pink Cycleway

Picture: Auckland Council

It spends millions more lavishly paying its ballooning management and providing staff with a large fleet of expensive company SUVs, along with free  parking permits (just check out  level 8 of the Downtown Car Park).


Except when it comes to themselves, AT has declared war on motorists, it seems. It is clear that we will need to elect new representatives capable of controlling this out-of-control outfit.


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